Explore the Dallas DIRTT Experience Center

Setting out to create the new DIRTT Experience Center (DXC) in Dallas, DIRTT found themselves in the same position their customers are in when they start planning a new space. They asked themselves: What do we want to achieve? And how do we want to achieve it?

DIRTT started to explore these questions with their internal design team and their colleagues at Gensler. In collaboration with Gensler’s team, DIRTT drilled into how elements of nature might influence the design. The expansive Texas landscapes. The sun-bleached color palate. The influence of biophilic design.


DIRTT Dallas Experience Conference Workstation

All these ideas would ultimately contribute to the look and feel of their Dallas DXC. While Gensler focused on space planning and creating a spectacular hospitality-workplace experience, DIRTT’s team was looking at how to best represent the wide range of capabilities throughout the experience center.

DIRTT’S LOW PROFILE CONFERENCE ROOMDIRTT Dallas Experience Center Conference Room

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