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Thoughtful interior design and product solutions that make employees, clients, and guests feel like they are a part of something bigger. Through research, we examined healthcare, workplace, and education experiences. We learned that, more than ever before, employees are craving connections. From connecting to coworkers and mentors to having a connection to the space they occupy, this feeling can’t be underestimated. By acknowledging that the workplace has a greater purpose, employees can show up as their authentic and unique selves.
We uncovered that employees need flexible, adaptable, and responsive spaces that allow them to be their best and do their best. By sparking connections and embracing individuality, these spaces are transformed into so much more. By creating safe and welcoming spaces, employees feel comfortable and are able to fully enter back into workspaces. Our research validates what we all know to be true – the right spaces create connections. Inspired results, thought starters, and more.

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From Empty, to Rendered, to Inspired.

If you’re looking for a spark or need to let your imagination run wild, you’re in the right place!

Let us render up something new for you. Below you’ll see a textbook example of a dormant space brought to life by a new tenant who caught the spark of inspired workplace interiors from LERDAHL. 

First comes the rendering:

Before image of office
Render of office

Then we’ll make that rendering a reality. 

Render of office
Open Office
Inspired Workplace Interiors