DIRTT Expands US Manufacturing

June 10, 2021

DIRTT Environmental Solutions, an interior construction company that uses proprietary software to design, manufacture and install fully customizable environments, announces the opening of their newest manufacturing plant located in Rock Hill, within York County, South Carolina. The company’s other manufacturing facilities are located in Phoenix, Arizona, Savannah, Georgia, and Calgary, Alberta, serving clients across the …

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Women in Banking Conference Reactions: Intentionality

June 3, 2021

Living with intentionality means being deliberate and purposeful. Finding a purpose is key to driving work forward in a fulfilling and rewarding way. Growing as a leader means growing one’s leadership presence through intentionality.Session three of Wisconsin Bankers Association’s Empowering Women in Banking Conference – Building Your Leadership Presence Through Intentionality by Laura Mael- unearthed …

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turtle of intent

Women in Banking Conference Reactions: Connectional Intelligence

May 24, 2021

Communication is a fundamental part of humanity, but it does not always come easy. What’s more, a global pandemic has shifted our communication paradigms and shown opportunities for growth. Session two of the Wisconsin Bankers Association’s Empowering Women in Banking Conference took this issue to task with the featured program by Erica Dhawan. As a …

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Considerations When Purchasing Senior Living Furniture (Top Ten List)

April 15, 2021

Choose Furniture With The Longest Product LifecycleInitial/upfront costs are one thing, but a complete expense picture includes an expectation for increased maintenance costs (both labor and materials). Evaluate the replacement cycle of furniture in your current facilities, and then compare it with the stated lifespan of the products you are currently considering purchasing.Furniture should be …

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Lerdahl has a heart

November 5, 2019

Lerdahl has partnered with the American Heart Association (AHA) and is a featured sponsor of 4 major events within the Madison area American Heart Association that includes: Hard Hats for Heart The general contractors in and around Madison partner in support with a networking event and silent auction. Tonya is a member of the planning …

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“Lerdahl Cares” to support our community

November 4, 2019

All Lerdahl employees have 8 hours of Paid Volunteer Time (PTO) to spend helping others annually, all employees participate in “Lerdahl Cares”, helping those in our community through the Middleton Outreach Ministries. Some weed gardens and assist elderly residents with household chores, while others paint and clean or work in the clothing store. Monthly we …

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