Workplace & Office Furniture

No Two Workplaces Are Exactly Alike

Trends may come and go, but quality design and craftsmanship of workplace and office furniture stand the test of time. Our goal is to change the way work is done by turning the spaces you envision into the places you love. With our rich history of crafting thoughtfully-designed, quality solutions, we’re a partner that will elevate the experience of creating places that support the work you do today—and tomorrow.

Desks & Workstations

In today’s fluid work landscape, employees need a variety of individual work areas to choose from, based on the task at hand. This may range from freestanding or mobile workstations for concentration, benching options that allow connection while still providing separation, or dynamic executive settings. Height-adjustable surfaces add even more variety by allowing for healthy postural changes throughout the day. Each element harmonizes to create modern work environments that enable people to work healthy and move seamlessly between independent and interactive work modes.

  • Freestanding
  • Height-adjustable
  • Benching
  • Storage


Open-Plan Solutions

With our collection of panel and non-panel-based workplace & office furniture systems, open landscape work areas can accommodate privacy, worker autonomy, and spatial efficiency. These office furniture systems are a natural fit to support individual and collective work, simultaneously. By providing a clean, open configuration, our product mix can support all work styles.

  • Panel-Based Workstations
  • Non-Panel-Based Workstations
  • Storage
Meeting + Collaborations

Engaging spaces for teams to connect are key to fueling creativity and collaboration in the transformed workspace. Made for the places people gather, our meeting and collaboration solutions unite to create beautiful spaces for agile interactions–keeping people connected to their technology and each other.

  • Tables
  • Wall Organization


Ancillary Seating

The right seating selection creates environments that are welcoming, comfortable, and stylish…not to mention ergonomic and highly-functional. Our brands offer solutions for a wide variety of activities from meeting and collaborating to working, socializing, and learning.

  • Work + Task
  • Lounge
  • Side + Guest
  • Stacking + Nesting
  • Executive
  • Stool +Sit-to-stand
  • Tandem
  • Ottoman + Living
  • Caregiver + Patient
  • Bench
  • Rocker
  • Specialty
Ancillary Accessories

Enhance your space with added comfort and functionality by incorporating elements from our vast collection of accessories. These ancillary additions provide opportunity for another layer of design while keeping areas organized and fully functional – making use of every bit of your workspace.

  • Space Division + Screens
  • Power + Technology
  • Accessories
Inspired Workplace Interiors