Fetch Rewards

Services Provided

  • Open Office: Cubicles, Charging stations, Standing desks, and Conference rooms
  • Lounge: Low tables, Lounge chairs, Comfortable seating, and side tables
  • Dining: Dining seating, Kitchen area

Fetch’s entire office is “hotel space.” There are no permanent workstations, and no private offices. Coming from the obvious remote working trend, this offers flexible space to a company that has a lot of moving workers.

What appealed most to Fetch was our furniture’s quality and design. They wanted unique, beautiful pieces that represented them as a company and fit their style. Fetch was super happy with all of the furniture and the design as a whole! So much so that they asked for design recommendations on other office locations.

At LERDAHL, we are constantly striving to innovate and make a positive impact in our industry. With this project, we aimed to provide a new and creative space for Fetch Rewards. To learn more, we invite you to explore the images below.

Inspired Workplace Interiors