Emerald Bay Senior Care

Project: Hobart, WI Facility

Services Provided

  • Furniture
  • Space Planning
  • Finish Selection

Emerald Bay, a modern retirement living facility in Hobart, Wisconsin – a town near Green Bay – added a new wing for memory care. As a part of the addition, the client added new living spaces, dining, and a centralized meeting area complete with fireplaces and access to a courtyard.

When it came to turning the additional space into a home for 24 plus new residents, the client needed to extend a style and ease that defines their existing space. The Emerald Bay community promotes an independent lifestyle, so the new addition had to feel like an inviting modern home that affords tenants a sense of freedom to be themselves.

When approaching a senior care project, the Lerdahl team always looks to marry form and function. The fabrics, furniture, and fixtures must be warm and inviting in form, but they also must be of medical-grade material make-up and quality. Finding the sweet spot between aesthetics and function has been a hallmark of Lerdahl’s 35+ year track record.

Furnished areas included:

  • Billiards room
  • Dining and bar area
  • Living area
  • Chapel
  • breakroom


“It was important to me to work with a team of designers that recognized the value of furnishings that were durable yet attractive and inviting to not only our residents but their families as well.”

– Matt Collins, SCR Properties

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