Taking the Workplace Outside

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Taking the Workplace Outside

As the world continues to move forward, making adaptable changes to abide by the new way of gathering, socializing and working, outdoor spaces might just become the new “man’s best friend.” It is no surprise that the pandemic took a detrimental toll on mental health and overall wellness, but as we begin to overcome those obstacles that have stemmed from the pandemic, there are promising things ahead. Now that progressive changes are being made throughout the nation, many workplaces are incorporating and encouraging wellness by adding outdoor workspaces, including our Kimball International Headquarters.

Outdoor workspaces not only allow employees to break away and catch some fresh air, but it allows for multiple employees to gather and work together in a space that enhances productivity and socialization. Being able to take the office with you wherever you go, specifically an outdoor environment, allows for productivity to flourish without realization. Spending time outdoors in green spaces and sunlight has proven to be beneficial for both mental health and physical well-being. The natural light and warmth of the atmosphere creates a different feeling of comfort that cannot be achieved in indoor offices. Taking the office outdoors encourages better health habits and movement throughout the workday. Being present in nature allows for the body to feel rejuvenated and motivated which can lead to higher energy and decreased stress.

Whether it be to enjoy the sunshine, breathe some fresh air, or just find a space to break away from the indoor office, the outdoor spaces at Kimball provide employees with the perfect atmosphere for those needs. The outdoor amenities range from playful games including life-sized Jenga and cornhole, to comfortable seating and tables for lounge, productivity, and socialization. Working and increasing productivity outdoors transforms the idea of a common workplace and enables the ability to take the office with you wherever you go. It has nearly become a necessity in corporate offices to create additional outdoor workspaces to benefit the overall wellness of their employees and create diversity. By incorporating outdoor work time in your daily schedule, the overall benefits are plentiful. Even if only for a short period of time, it is encouraged to get outside and escape the indoor office. After all, new spaces inspire new ideas. 


Kimball outdoor seating area , lounge, open office, chairs and side tables Office furniture
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