Interior Construction

Adaptable Space: Wall Systems

Our Solutions Include:

  • Walls 
  • Writable surfaces 
  • Integrated technology 
  • Leaf™ folding walls 
  • Breathe® living walls 
  • Doors 
  • Access floors 
  • Modular power and networks 
  • Responsive medical innovations 
  • Manufactured casework 
  • Timber frame accents and structural solutions 
  • Bespoke ceilings 


Designed for you.

It is all about you! Bring your vision to life. Our design team uses ICE software to calculate the penny’s cost with no upcharge for complexity or customization. Explore your future space in virtual reality and modify it in real-time with up to the second pricing!

Built fast and to last.

Advanced manufacturing means modular wall system components are built in 21 days or less. Then they’re shipped to the site for a fast and clean install. We are talking uber-efficient timelines. Need evidence?

Check out STAAT MOD

Evolve and adapt.

The pandemic has shown businesses a need to adapt on the fly. Reconfigure with ease. Relocate components or repurpose them to protect your investment. Whether they are small or big changes, your interior can evolve to stay relevant over time and circumstance.

Make YOUR Space

The DIRTT modular wall system creates an outlet for limitless potential and imagination. This enables LERDAL to design and install fully-customized interior environments ready for creativity and originality. Moreover, the innovative and sustainable technology deployed with modular construction makes it possible for your vision to become your reality.

S&L Interior Office Design



Low profile. Big impact. Clean lines.

With a base height of only 1¾ inches, Reflect is more than 60% thinner than DIRTT’s standard glass walls. Most importantly, the barely-there aesthetic doesn’t sacrifice performance. Hidden within the base track is an innovative leveling system. It ensures that each pane of glass can be individually adjusted within a ½ inch of variance. That means Reflect works in more places with uneven floors.

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