Leaf Folding Walls

Retractable Modular Leaf Folding Walls Systems

Add functionality to your environment without compromising design or aesthetics. This Leaf folding walls system lets you effortlessly adapt space on the fly. Divide or open rooms in less time than it takes to pour a cup of coffee. Just like other walls in the DIRTT portfolio, you can customize the dimensions and finishes of Leaf™. Seamlessly incorporate folding walls into your design with a solution that’s easy to use, and fast to order and install. 

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  • The Leaf system can be applied to 4” Solid Walls, Classic Glass Walls, or Combination Walls.

  • Leaf consists of wall modules separated by folding hinges, a roller track, a docking module on one side, and a surrounding support structure or beam.

  • Simple to operate, Leaf extends or retracts in seconds with an accordion-like motion and looks like a fixed DIRTT wall when extended.

  • Easily retrofit your existing DIRTT walls to become Leaf Folding Walls.

  • SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certified.

  • FSC® (FSC-C006900) MDF available upon request.


  • Both sides of the wall behave independently, allowing each side to have distinct panel configuration, aesthetics, and functionality.

  • Customize solid wall panels with a variety of standard or approved third-party finishes and materials.

  • Add an optional door in the wall for easy access when extended.

  • Get added length by specifying an optional double Leaf Wall®.

  • The support system for the wall can be DIRTT Timber (stained in any custom color) or a steel beam (provided by others).

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