Education Solutions

The Evolution of Education

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Today’s facilities are tasked with providing dynamic spaces that not only foster learning, but nurture school spirit. Together, let’s explore your objectives and develop flexible solutions that support unique learning styles and inspiring education environments.

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Active Learning

Today’s campuses include areas that thrive on collaborations, transitions and movement. In the busy life of a student, it is incredibly important to make a space that is accessible, while also being a space where student can be comfortable learning and collaborating. Active learning spaces are flexible, engaging and accommodate different learning styles. We want to make sure that these spaces are accessible and can be enjoyed by everyone.


A welcoming space helps students learn and collaborate with there fellow classmates. They provide settings to get work done as well as to relax, refuel and recharge. Working together, socializing, and studying are incredibly important to the modern student, so making a space that accommodates all three is very important on the modern campus.


Students are seeking an environment of connection, inspiration, and shared purpose that allows them to form connections and collaborate with fellow students. Creating comfortable collaboration spaces for students and faculty members is our main priority, and with help from Kimball, we can work with and help education centers turn there dreams into reality.


Faculty offices areas on campus are now more casual with neural spaces that allow faculty to interact and exchange, as well as share ideas with each other, instructors and students. 

Inspired Workplace Interiors