Casework, Cabinets, Closets, and Storage Solutions

Want to tailor storage to your exact needs without paying extra for customization or complexity? DIRTT Casework offers the best of both worlds. Get precision-manufactured casework with the predictable lead times of DIRTT. Maximize your space with parametric designs that deliver cabinets and storage precisely sized to fit your space. Our large-scale manufacturing ensures consistency over time and across your projects. And DIRTT casework arrives assembled, reducing installation time on-site. 

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  • The versatility of DIRTT Casework makes it suitable for applications in workplace, healthcare, and education.

  • Use DIRTT Casework to create lockers, credenzas, base and upper cabinets, open shelving, and tall storage.

  • Choose from free-standing or wall-mounted designs or integrate directly into DIRTT Walls.

  • Manufactured with robust substrate and high-quality pulls, hinges, and slide options.

  • Unique toe-kick design with built-in adjustability saves you install time.


  • Keep it smooth with soft-close doors and drawers.

  • Create sleek lines with touch open doors and drawers.

  • Brighten your space with integrated LED lighting.

  • Improve accessibility with ADA compliant sink skirts.

  • Choose from bow, rod, or tab-style pulls in different sizes to suit your design.

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