Craft beer and workplaces might seem an unusual pair, but there’s a lot more brewing under the surface. In the Crafting Culture and Belonging Part 1 episode of the podcast, we delved into the world of craft beer and its profound influence on community building and work culture.

In this special two-part episode of the Alternative Design podcast, we’re taking a tour of the craft beer world, starting with my local brewery, Ferndale Project. Dayne Bartscht joins us as the Founder and Managing Partner of Ferndale Project to share how they intentionally built

Sound is more than what we hear in our ears, it’s what we feel with our entire body. In Episode 16, Listen with Your Skin, we rethink acoustic design as we explore everything from vibro-acoustic nightclubs and generative music to ancient Egyptian sound chambers. Instead

Industrialized construction is providing the solutions for adaptable spaces a that are needed amid the explosive growth and increased competition for talent It’s the year 2038. Scientists gather to work on a “cloud lab” project together. One logs in from Singapore, another from Melbourne, and

As architecture, workstyles, and employee needs change, we continually strive to be on the forefront of innovation and designing solutions for the future of work. This spirit has been especially important during the vast amount of change we have gone through over the last six

At Kimball, our mission is to change the way work is done by turning the spaces you envision into the places you love. Each day, we work to provide a complete collection of product solutions that create a sense of place where people can achieve

Prefabrication will soon be part of every new development Rich Steimel is the first to admit that, at age 61, he’s far from the youngest person on the construction projects he oversees. Still, the Lendlease executive often finds himself cajoling junior colleagues to consider new

Path Forward Series Part 5: Ready for What’s Next The workplace is quickly evolving. Which is a good thing. As a company rooted in reinvention, Kimball has a history of facing challenges and responding with inspired solutions. Looking ahead, we envision a purpose-driven office—a place

People Are Not Cars On this month’s Alternative Design Podcast, we looked deeper into the mainstream conversations, buzzing around the industry and present an alternative way to think about how we can design for a better human experience.What can designers learn from Motown music? You know

Enter a fast food restaurant and often you’ll be faced with a sea of tall tables and chairs, sometimes immovable and secured to the ground. It’s a design choice that makes architect Karen Braitmayer feel unwelcome. “I sit in a wheelchair, and that is not

Recently, industry leaders from hospitals, design firms and construction companies were in Phoenix. They came together for the American Society for Healthcare Engineering Planning, Design and Construction Summit. That’s a mouthful, so let’s just call it what everyone there called it: ASHE PDC. The focus

Since our company’s inception, Kimball International has believed in being a good steward to the environment.  From harvesting our own timbers for our furniture from forests we owned, and in turn planting a tree to replace each one that was removed, to bringing products to

Taking the Workplace Outside As the world continues to move forward, making adaptable changes to abide by the new way of gathering, socializing and working, outdoor spaces might just become the new “man’s best friend.” It is no surprise that the pandemic took a detrimental

Kimball is excited to announce that EverySpace has been named as an honoree in the Contract Furniture Systems category. Interior Design’s Best of Year is the design industry’s premier awards program. Honoring the most significant work of the year, as well as recognizing designers, architects,

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