Ready for What’s Next

Get ready for what’s next in the world of business interiors. Partnering with vendors, Lerdahl is proud to offer resources to help guide a post-pandemic office plan. Getting back to the office is an opportunity to regain a sense of the old normal, but more importantly, it’s an opportunity to gain back a sense of purpose, community, and collaboration.

The pandemic has been like no other event in recent years. The most careful and future-focused organizations became reactionary almost overnight. All businesses had to radically adjust their operations and learn how to make employees feel healthy, engaged, and productive at work.

Lerdahl is poised to meet the challenges of a new day. With a lengthy list of cutting-edge suppliers, we can answer your questions and prepare you for what’s next.

As a Kimball dealer, we are proud to provide some insightful facts they uncovered while figuring out while partnering with a data discovery firm. The Ready For What’s Next report is a playbook to address today’s evolving workspace needs.

Together, we face overcoming adversity and finding balance in an unknown world. The world is thinking differently, and we are taking action to respond. As companies look to bring employees back to the office, it is crucial to assess the built environment and understand readiness to support teams physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Now more than ever, we have to make sure employees feel safe, healthy and valued in their place of work.

Research has shown that employees still retain a strong desire for the office, especially regarding providing a sense of community and belonging. They strongly appreciate human interaction over digital for team building and manager access.

By Kimball

Furniture Cleaning &
Disinfecting Protocols. Provided by Kimball.


Whitepaper. Provided by Kimball.


Research study. Provided by Kimball.


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