Corporate Solutions

A New Standard in Office Experience with Corporate Solutions

As the modern workplace changes, we offer adaptable products that support users throughout their day. The modular platform combines personal elements with functional corporate solutions  to compose workplaces for any situation. Create multi-height worksurfaces and large open plan configurations or single-user spaces in tight footprints. Build storage vertically or add screens for space division and to buffer acoustics. Incorporate height-adjustable worksurfaces for ergo support and utilize integrated wire management capabilities to maintain a clean aesthetic.

We offer comprehensive solutions that put the user at the center of the design. It can flex and flow as needs change and work styles evolve. Scalable by nature, our customizable platform is only limited by your imagination.

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Chair and Lounge Corporate
Kimball Fluent Closed Office
Corporate seating and conference room
Chair Lounge & Table Corporate
Conference & Meeting
Ancillary Seating
Inspired Workplace Interiors