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  • Furniture solutions
  • Interior construction
  • Design services
  • 3D Renderings
  • Space planning
  • Finish & materials selection
  • Reconfiguration
  • Inventory 
  • Sound masking
  • Millwork & casework
  • Project management
  • Installation Services

Dramatic changes in how we educate and learn, tighter construction budgets, and green building requirements are only a few factors affecting how we build and furnish learning spaces today. With rapid advancements in technology and other changes proving a challenge to predict, your interior needs to be flexible and adaptable, or it could be outdated before the ribbon-cutting ceremony. To help you meet the demands of today and tomorrow, we tailor our solutions to your vision to support the evolving needs of your students, faculty, and administration.

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Since summer is the busiest construction season for schools, our approach and solutions must minimize disruptions, dust, noise, and downtime. Within four weeks from finalizing project material orders, our solutions arrive on-site with what’s required to run through the wall cavity (DIRTT’s quick-connect power and data network components) already in place, along with horizontal supports to hang cabinets or other assets. Since parts arrive on-site in the sizes specified with finishes already applied, there are no off-cuts, drywall dust, or indoor air quality issues typical with traditional drywall construction.



More than ever, students want to shape the look of their learning environment and how it functions. At Lerdahl, user requirements are considered from the beginning and included during all stages of the design process to ensure your space seamlessly supports the needs of your diverse user groups. From acoustic management to integrated technology to incorporating natural light and writable surfaces— our solutions help you build an environment that allows elevating performance and outcomes.


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