JSD, a prominent provider of planning, civil and structural engineering, landscape architecture, and surveying services, has embarked on a remarkable journey of growth and adaptation since its inception. Founded by Dave Jenkins in 1998, the company started as a small land surveying business operating from the basement of Dave’s home. Over the years, JSD expanded its services and capabilities, evolving into a renowned national enterprise. Their commitment to quality and the ability to creatively address challenging development projects set them apart in the industry.

The Need for a New Headquarters

As JSD continued to grow, their need for a new headquarters became increasingly evident. The existing offices were no longer sufficient to accommodate the expanding team and meet the demands of their diverse service offerings. The move to a new headquarters presented an opportunity to not only address immediate space requirements but also to create a dynamic and inspiring work environment that reflected the company’s values of creativity, innovation, and commitment to quality.

The Solution: A Headquarters that Reflects Excellence

JSD approached their move to a new headquarters with the same commitment to excellence that had defined their services. The new headquarters was designed to meet various needs, including spacious offices for their team of planners, civil and structural engineers, landscape architects, and surveyors. Additionally, the facility was designed to feature state-of-the-art workstations that would foster collaboration and innovation among employees.

Conference Rooms for Creative Collaboration

Recognizing the importance of collaboration and client meetings, JSD incorporated well-equipped conference rooms into the design. These spaces were tailored to facilitate brainstorming sessions and problem-solving, allowing the company to creatively address challenging site development plans and bring clients’ visions to life.

Embracing Growth and Innovation

The transition to a new headquarters marked a significant milestone in JSD’s journey. The new facility not only provided the necessary space for their growing team but also symbolized the company’s commitment to growth and innovation. Just as they had creatively found solutions for their clients, JSD had found a solution to address their own needs and set the stage for further success.


JSD’s story is a testament to the power of commitment, adaptability, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Their journey from a small land surveying business to a national enterprise offering a wide range of development services serves as an inspiration to businesses looking to grow and thrive. The move to a new headquarters was a pivotal moment in their evolution, providing a physical space that reflected their values and commitment to delivering exceptional results for their clients. JSD’s success story is a testament to the formula for growth and innovation that has driven them to become a premiere provider of building project development services.

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